Life Insurance - March 8th 2023

Residents of Canada are eligible for this protection (if born between 1942 and 1971).

> Canadian Can Claim This Benefit in 2024


Life insurance stands as a reliable method to secure the welfare of your family and their future. By obtaining an appropriate policy, you guarantee coverage for funeral expenses, settling outstanding debts, or creating a financial asset for your loved ones. Despite its significance, a considerable number of residents in Canada do not have such protection in place.

Why isn't life insurance universally adopted?

For many, the perceived high costs, especially as they age, deter them from investing in life insurance. However, the internet has transformed the insurance landscape, bringing about positive changes.

Several companies now cater specifically to individuals aged 50 to 80. Canadian Seniors, for example, offers protection plans of up to CAD10,000 (depending on age) to Canadian residents in this age group, with guaranteed acceptance and a straightforward eligibility process.

While life insurance isn't a savings plan, it provides a straightforward way to safeguard your family's financial future. By maintaining appropriate coverage, you ensure your loved ones receive the necessary support when you're no longer there.

To quickly determine your coverage options, request a complimentary quote from Canadian Seniors today. Plus, upon policy acquisition, you could enjoy additional benefits worth up to CAD500, including a CAD100 gift card from popular retailers like Amazon.co.uk, M&S, or Tesco*.

Here's the process:

Step 1: Choose your current age from the options provided below.

Step 2: Complete a short questionnaire (less than a minute) to determine the maximum coverage available for you.